NDCIAME is one the best institute which has excellent infrastructure with well equipped & advance Avionics & Mechanical workshops, labs as per latest aircraft Maintenance requirements in Aviation industry.  NDCIAME has its own heavy Lear jet-23 & Cessna-150 aircrafts in its campus for practical training on actual aircraft. Training partner of NDCIAME is Air India to provide training on latest series of Airbus & Boeing Series Aircrafts. Our passed out students are well placed in Various Domestic & International Airlines, MRO & technical Publications.  
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Cabin Crew/Air Hostess/Flight Stewards

The Air hostess also known as cabin crew /Air steward plays an important role in the image of any airlines. They are the brand ambassador of airline. Air travel is an experience and the cabin crew deal with the passengers directly.   Hence, the way they conduct themselves, their behavior and their etiquettes directly impact the flying experience. Being an Air hostess is also about ensuring the safety of the aircraft by ensuring that passengers adhere to the security norms. Hence at NDC Institute the cabin crew students put through extensive training to ensure that they are well-prepared to handle their job responsibilities.

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management is a program that includes the student with knowledge in the procedures of various functions such as customer handling, security, Cargo handling & others functioning at airport premises. After completion of this program, student will be able to work in aviation sector, Hotel & tour and travel Industry.





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